Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Critics going mad for sega's latest

So it looks like Sega is starting to turn a few heads.That is if you're a Wii owner who has desperately been seeking more mature content on your little white box.This marks the second orginal M rated Wii game in just the past few months, with the Conduit coming in June.
The House of the Dead:Overkill was released to average review scores but fans of the series have been eating it up.Even Yahtzee liked it! (Well as much as Yahtzee can like it.)Now Sega's next Wii game, Madworld, seems to be a homerun for the publisher.
1up, Gamepro,Gameinformer,IGN and Nintendo Power have all given the game a 9.0.With a metacritic rating of 86, someone at Sega is getting their back rubbed as we speak.Hopefully the sales figures for the game will mirror the critical response.We need more quality games like this on the Wii, and with the Conduit not far away you can't blame me for being too hopeful.

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