Thursday, March 12, 2009

First 45: Madworld

Madworld developed by Platinum Games is the most perverse, disgusting, violent piece of entertainment I have ever witnessed.....and I LOVE IT! First I'll talk about some of the things
I do not like.

While it's not a terrible camera, it just doesn't always feel right.This is definitely the case when it comes to locking on to opponents.You can at any time press c and the camera will center directly behind your character, Jack.

I like the idea of the all hip hop background music, but from what I have heard so far its pretty generic stuff. Do yourself a favor and turn down the music and turn the announcers up.

Now for what I DO like

+Art style
If you do not know about madworld it is a beat em up with nothing but black and white visuals with the occassional red splatter of blood.The developers obviously took inspiration from graphic novels such as Sin City.It is pulled off very well in this game and Im glad they didn't go the photorealistic route.
The announcers, while sometimes repetitive, are sooo hilarious.In the First 45 minutes I have heard more sexual jokes than I have heard this year.The kicker is that they are actually funny.Voiced by John DiMaggio and Greg Proops,two very funny dudes. I'm glad they decided to go in that direction.I think the game would actually not be as enjoyable without them commentating.
Controls are spot on and there is nothing more satisfying then killing some of these bosses with Wii-mote action.

This game is set up in the traditional old school beat em up style.Proceed through a level killing hundreds of nameless thugs and then Fight a boss.You need a certain amount of points to unlock the boss fights and are rewarded for how gruesome your kills are.Every now and then the Black Baron will show up and let you play a minigame such as human darts, and the "throw as many guys into a speeding train game."Fun Stuff!

The story seems a little more involved than I thought it would be, but I will have to wait to play it some more.

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