Wednesday, May 20, 2009

For some reason this game feels like a great Genesis platformer with upgraded graphics but no reasoning to backup this statement. So I play as a fantasy creature, Klonoa, in a 2D fantasy dream world and I kill bad guys, brilliant idea! This is not sarcasm. It's a great formula that has always worked and still does. Enemies are used to pick up and throw at other enemies, to throw at items/switches, or to do a double jump in the air. I also very much enjoy the boss battles. Very nice colorful visuals also. If you like old school platformers I would advise to pick up this bad boy just don't expect a big challenge or a long game. It has only 14 levels, but its also only 30 bucks. It's worth it.
Oh and just to add a fun little piece of info, Klonoa's hat has a little pacman about to eat a pac bit. I love that touch.

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  1. I really wanna try this game out... I've heard a lot of good thing s about it. My only concern is that its only 5 hours. While you can get more out of collections all the item sand stuff. I'm not really big into that stuff. Don't know if id 100% it.