Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sin and Punishment 2

I'm sure you have never heard of Sin and Punishment. The original Treasure shooter was only released in Japan, on the Nintendo 64, so I can't blame you. When the first title, something of a cult classic, was released on virtual console everyone was surprised. But not as surprised as when Nintendo announced a full Wii sequel last year.

For those of you who are reading this, Tommy, I just want you to know that I am super excited about this game. It looks gorgeous and you have pretty much one goal, high scores. The original plays similar to Star Fox and Space harrier with more control of your aiming reticule. With the use of the Wii remote pointer to aim the game just got better. I am waiting to hear some hands-on impressions but online leader boards have been confirmed from the e3 show floor.

EVERY GAME SHOULD HAVE LEADER BOARDS. If i had it my way every game like this would have online leader boards and extensive stat tracking for my profile and each level. Call me crazy but that's my dream.

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