Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Download Complete! First 45

I finally tried my hand at the deal and got enough points for two Wiiware games I have been anticipating.The first game I downloaded was Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My life as a Dark Lord and the second is of course Bit.Trip.Core.

FFCC:MLAADL is a sequel of sorts to My Life as a King, a game i raved about when Wiiware first started. To be fair I would actually call this game more as a spiritual successor to that title instead of a sequel. Basically this is a tower defense game but rather than defending your tower from the outside you actually setup traps and monsters from within the floors of your tower. This is the first tower defense game I can .... defend. I have never liked them before but this game is without a doubt a stand out in the genre.

The second game I downloaded was Bit.Trip.Core. I am in love with the first title so this was a no brain purchase for me. There is something about this series that just screams video game to me. The guys at Gaijin games have stripped away all the superfluous junk that clutters game design in this era and focused on what Tomicus calls the "essence of gaming." A Gamers game, a pure new age retro fix. Sadly I do not like this game quite as much as Beat. The controls in Beat were spot on and added so much to the game, and the fact that Core focuses on just the D-Pad was a little disappointing. Don't get me wrong this game is still great and at 600 points it's a steal. I can not wait for the next game in the bit.trip franchise.

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