Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hands On with Wii Sports Resort

At my trip to Six Flags Over Texas this past weekend I had the opppurtunity to try out the upcoming Nintendo title Wii Sports Resort.The first thing to notice about this game is the addition of WiiMotion Plus, an add on to make your Wiimote more precise. I already have some experience with the device from playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, a must have title in my humble opinion, but it doesn't scratch the surface of what the device is capable of.

I was able to play three of the available games:Sword Fighting, the jet-ski race, and table tennis. They all acted just as you would expect. When swinging your Wiimote the onscreen Mii swings his sword exactly as you do.It was pretty awesome, especially being able to play against another human opponent. My favorite by far was the table tennis game. I love ping pong and i know how to spin the ball and do all the fancy trick. This game feels exactly like ping pong and it does exactly what it should do. You wanna put a backspin on it and make it hit just on the other side of the net? You can do it. It works flawlessly. The only complaint I have is that during my 15 minute playtime with we had to recalibrate 3 times. It was a minor pain and it only took a fewseconds to do so but i hope they can somehow fix it before release(not likely.) Anyways, I can not wait to pick this game up and play it with friends.

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