Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Triforce Quest (COMPLETE)

For anyone that chooses to except this quest:
  1. From Waco Texas travel I-35 North
  2. Prior to Hillsboro Texas take the Abbott exit
  3. Immediately after exiting you will see a small gas station to your right hand side. Park here.
  4. Enter the men's restroom and close the door.
  5. Use the candle you found in Parapa Palace. You will see a sketch of the Tri-Force on the back of the door. Take a digital picture of this and send to along with an address to receive your reward.

Once I have received the picture and confirm its validity, a copy of Link for NES (non-gold cart) will be shipped to the address from the email. Upon completion I will note the tittle of this blog with COMPLETE.

Good Luck. Eyes of Ganon are everywhere...

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