Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Goldeneye 007 review

Goldeneye is a powerful name in the video game world. It conjures feelings of extreme nostalgia in anyone who played it over ten years ago. The original goldeneye on the n64 pushed forward console FPS games and help mold the genre that dominates the industry. Let me first say that Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo Wii does NOT have the same impact its predecessor did, but it is by no means a bad game. It is a common belief that this game is just a standard remake of the original, but for better or worse it is not. Imagine that a new goldeneye movie was made to fit into the current Bond universe. Now imagine that they made a game based on that move. That is Goldeneye 007 in a nutshell.

Now let's crack that nut open. The entire cast of the original have been recast completely. Daniel Craig plays as Bond and uses modern gadgets like a smart phone instead of Pierce Brosnan's trusty watch. Some of the locations within the campaign will evoke a bit of nostalgia but for the most part everything is changed. At first, I must admit, I was turned off by the seemingly different take of the original's campaign but those worries quickly went away when i was creeping through the levels just like the Bond I used to know. Some levels offer quite a few different ways to get through it. You can try to stealth or just run and gun, but be warned some of the sections are much harder when you approach them directly. Just as in the n64 game, the harder the difficulty, the more objectives you must complete. This feature is great and offers quite a bit of replayability.The story is your typical bond fare but the voice acting and animations on the characters are done quite well.

I enjoyed this campaign more than any other FPS that has come out in the last several years. But most people know Goldeneye as a multi player game, and that is where this game really shines. It supports 4 player split screen which instantly evokes strong feelings from me but to be honest the online multi player through Nintendo wifi is a lot deeper and rewarding to play. Online offers up 8 player game modes ranging from the free for all conflict mode to the hectic goldeneye mode which has you hacking and holding certain points on the map.There is your basic team conflict mode, as well as a Heroes mode, black box mode and the unlock able license to kill variants and classic conflict. I have spent quite a deal of time online and have only experienced two instances where the lag brought my experience down, but finding and joining games is a very quick affair.

Two things that would have made the multi player better are voice chat and host migration which this game seems to lack completely. To be fair it will try to find a new host for your game but it does not ever seem to be successfull. If you have played a call of duty game in the recent years, the online experience and level up system will be instantly familiar. It does seem to take longer to level up but you unlock new game modes, guns, and perks the more you play. I have already put down Call of Duty:Black Ops on the PS3 to come back to Goldeneye 007 for the Wii.
Goldeneye 007 is a great game, not just for the Wii, but for any system. The campaign is a fresh experience in the ho-hum shooter stories of recent years.

I do not put numerical values in my reviews but as you can tell from my gushing lovewords I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys shooters, whether you played the original or not.

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