Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Body Harvest - DAYS 4, 5, and 6

Phew, those last 2 chapters of JAVA were a pain. It was a little difficult in that anytime a harvester alert arose I would have to quickly go to the alien location and bash some skulls before the aliens reached their goal. Before saving at the end of each chapter I am required to judge wheather or not the amount of human lives that were taken is acceptable since I must leave some room for the upcoming chapters. So upon completion of Java the bugs had about 95% of their requierd human lives harvested. You can see why I was sweating so much. So now I'm driving around in North America during 1966. It's a nice change of scenary. Not so dark, more stylish vehicles...but much tougher bugs.


  1. cmon man you can do it, you've gotta beat this game

  2. ive got faitth in you brother, if theres only one good thing you will do in your life it will be body harvest