Monday, April 27, 2009

Rythm Heaven

After testing a demo out from the Ninntendo Channel I had to pick up this little gem and boy, oh boy is this game addicting. It's a perfect tittle for the DS. I can very much appreciate this game due to it's addictive and simple gameplay. This is on my top 10 DS tittles easy.

So I start by creating a profile and jumping into this first of 50 minigames. The 1st game has me flicking the stylus to pivit a screw into 2 washers as they connect on the last note of a tune. I must complete this stage with an acceptable performance before advancing to the next. The game requires full use of the stylus. Each level has a very catchy tune whether it have a character singing or just a simple beat. For hardcore gamers the real chalenge is beating every level with a perfect score. The only major drawback I see is no multiplayer. It seems Nintendo could have developed a small multiplayer mode to fit right in. We can only hope for RH2.

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