Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dragon Quest Swords: The Retarded Queen and Tower of Fags (Wii)

This is the first "bad" review I've ever given on this site, the game being "bad", not necessarily the review.

Swords is a 1st person RPG. The gay controls have you using the wii mote holding like a TV remote with UP to move forward, LEFT and RIGHT to turn, and DOWN to move backwards. The dialogue when talking to the town folk is super boring. The storyline is eh. You run into imaginary walls in rooms where the game does not allow you to navigate through. The worst part is the waggling with your sword during battle. I would rather play Quest 64. And to think I traded this game for Toe Jam & Earl (Genesis). Blast!

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  1. quest 64 whould have just been called "generic rpg"