Thursday, July 16, 2009

Incoming! 6th Xbox360

So my 5th XBOX360 dies on me about a month ago and I am finally trying to get it replaced. This time it was the e74 error code that got me. After speaking to "John" for about half an hour, my shipping label is on the way. Thank god the repair is free or I would have just switched completely to the Ps3. Anyways, this incident really got me thining about all the american jobs we could have if it wasnt for outsourcing.

If you think about Microsoft, you think of an American company right? I understand the business reasons why a company would outsource but I am prettty sure nothing Microsoft makes comes from America. The systems and accessories are all produced and assembled in China and every God damn time I have ever spoke with technical support it has been someone who is obviously from India. Imagine all the jobs it would create for out of work Americans, and how much it would positively affect the economy if these business practices were no longer allowed. Maybe the Government can impose a large export and import tax for this type of business model to help dissuade companies from adopting it? I dont know, im just venting. We all can't be as politically correct as Tomicus down there, Am I Rite? I'. pretty sure our gay readers(Do we have any) and our mentally challenged readers( I know we have some of those, ps3 fanboys, lol) have just boycotted our blog.