Friday, July 24, 2009

Introducing My Stamp of Approval

Looks Familiar huh? From now on if I really, really enjoy a game I will bestow upon it the most magnificent of marks, the Wii Talks Stamp of Approval. If you happen to see this next to a game I cover you know it gets my highest regards and I 100% approve of its existence. If you happen to think a game deserves it then comment on any of our pages and let me know.

Now, on the other hand if a game is so stinkin bad that I think the developers should be burned alive for their game it will receive my "Wii Mocks Stamp of Terrorism ." If a game receives this aptly named award it is because I believe the developers of the game are definitely working with a terrorist network to make our youth stupider by playing their game. It's an ingenious plan, but I'm on to you.

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