Friday, July 24, 2009

My Top 5 Wiiware games

Wiiware is awesome, but for every gem that gets released there are a few real pieces of shit.I have waded through the aforementioned shit to give my picks of the best games the distribution system has to offer.

1.Lost Winds
I absolutely LOVE this game. It's relativity short(about3-4 hours) but for ten dollars that's not a bad deal at all. For the uninformed Lost Winds has you travelling through a lush, gorgeous environment as a young boy accompanied by a wind spirit. This 2.5 sidescroller has you traversing through caves and multi-storied environments using the abilities your wind spirit has remembered to reach unreachable areas. I am a sucker for environmental puzzles and this game showcases some of the best. The motion controls are ALMOST perfect, but you will notice some instances where it falters. If you have any reservations about this game forget them. Buy it. Download it. Play it. Gift it to a friend

2.Bomberman Blast

Nostalgia may play a factor in this one. Tomicus and I played Mega Bomberman a lot when we were younger and since then we have bought and played almost every release since. Now that we live 2 hours away, the inclusion of online play is the biggest plus added here. He always beats me but I can't get enough of this game!
3.Mega Man 9

What can I say? It's Mega Man 2 but newer(ish). Some say it's too hard but I say they suck.


This one really caught me by surprise. My love for environmental puzzles really shows through here. This game gets really hard but I am a sucker for punishment. Check out some videos and reviews for this game if you haven't heard of it. It's a definite winner. Also, kudos for clever use of the wiimote speaker


The essence of gaming. It's hard but the controls are spot on and the art style of the bit.trip series is genius

That is all. Tomorrow I will bring the worst 5 WiiWare games I have played. Bring your nose plugs.


  1. No love for some of my favorites...

    World of Goo?
    Swords & Soldiers?

  2. i am actually about to buy swords and soldiers. I havent played all of the big titles, just most of em. By the way eduardo the samurai toasterr is a very beautiful game i recommend too.

  3. Wii - I think you would really like World of Goo also.